Review Generator

What Is Review Generator?

Reviews are a very important part of any business. They can definitely make or break your online reputation. A company with one five star review can beat out a different company with no stars. It may be difficult to get customers to leave reviews after service is performed. Too often the motivation for leaving a review is a bad experience leading to a negative review. With our Review Generator, you have control over which reviews get posted and the ability to handle any negative reviews before they get posted. Learn how you can use this plugin to increase reviews on your website!



review generator

All The Reviews Your Company Deserves

With our new program you can collect reviews easily on your website. If a 5 star review is left, the reviewer is automatically taken to a review website of your choice (such as Google or Yelp). Anything below 5 stars will still get submitted but will not be posted. You will have a chance to respond to make things right.

post to social media

Post to Social Media

Post your positive reviews to your social media profiles. Connect your social media accounts and choose which reviews to share on the backend.

zero negative reviews

Crush Negative Reviews Before They Happen

Many negative reviews can be prevented by just a little finesse and understanding. By only allowing the 5 star reviews to get through to the website, our program allows you to handle the bad stars privately. This helps your business make things right with the customer potentially creating a better relationship and more business.

build social profiles

Build Up Your Social Profiles

After a customer submits a five star review they have the option to post their review to Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, and Facebook. Make sure you have these profiles set up and ready to go! If not, we can help!

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