SEO Website

The SEO Website is a Search Engine-friendly (Search Engine Optimized) website that will get your company to the top of Google against the stiffest competition. This is where you want to be to generate customer calls. Surveys show that 75% of customers call one of the top three websites on Google.

In larger urban areas, the competition for the top of Google can be challenging. You need an excellent website that has a lot of useful information and is user-friendly for customers. Not only will it generate customer calls, Google will like it. But to beat your competition, your website needs to go a step further – it needs to be “optimized” – made Search Engine-friendly.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is taking the steps needed to boost a website’s rankings in Google. SEO, or “optimizing” a website, makes it easily findable by searchers.

When we optimize your website, we start with research. First, we determine the words that customers type into Google to find your trade. For example, we’ve found that someone in Austin looking for an air conditioner is more likely to type “air conditioning Austin” than “heating and cooling Austin.” Words and phrases that searchers frequently type to find companies in your trade are your “keywords.”

Second, we research your competition. How well-optimized are their websites? Your website should be better optimized than your competition without screaming to Google “I’m optimized.” Google wants to rank the websites highest which are truly useful to customers, not those which bought the most outrageous SEO job. For this reason, it’s important not to over-optimize.

While researching your competition, we may also find niches where there’s little competition. For example, if you’re a company that sells pinwheels but specialize in rainbow pinwheels, you may be able to rise to the top of Google quickly for customers looking for this product. You’ll need the research on what customers are typing in as well as an optimized page on rainbow pinwheels.

We incorporate your researched keywords in your “optimized” webpage text. We also rely on this research to make technical changes to parts of the website that are read only by Search Engines.

What is the difference between on-site optimization and off-site optimization?
Writing optimized text and making the technical modifications read by Search Engines is “on-site optimization.” Once your WordPress SEO Website is on the Internet, you’ll also need an on-going rankings campaign. This is “off-site optimization.” Its focus is getting other websites to link to yours. Generally, the more links that you have from quality websites related to your trade, the higher you’ll rank on Search Engine pages. KSH Marketing can provide you with both on-site and off-site optimization.

SEO WebsitePrice Breakdown
Marketing Evaluation & Analysis of Competition
Analysis of keywords, competitor websites, rankings (if you have an existing website)
Analysis of level of effort needed to rise to top of Google
All the Features of a Custom Website
Plus Optimized Keyword Text
Technical Webpage Optimization Readable by Search Engines
Site Maps, H1 and H2 headers, Metatags for Titles and Descriptions, Image Alt Tags
Off-Site SEO Serivces
Press Release or Directory Listing

Features of the SEO Website

  • Domain Name (example: – Your existing Domain Name or one that we select to fit your company
  • WordPress Website – We utilize WordPress as a CMS for all our website
  • Basic Services and Tips Pages – List of services that you offer
  • Basic Company Info – License #, Insurance, Bond, Warranties, Phone, FAX, Address, e-mails
  • Service Areas Listed – List of communities that you serve
  • Credit Card & Financing – Credit Card icons, finance company name and terms
  • Website Analytics – Tracks number of customer visits over time, how customers found your website, keywords customers typed in, etc
  • Self-Editing Option – Add/delete/change text yourself if you wish and graphics if you’re good at computer software. Allows you to be in control of your own website
  • 30 Days of Free Edits – After your website is completed you’ll have thirty days to complete any changes you need done to your website
  • Custom Website Template – Choose from an existing template, a custom template, or send us a design you like
  • Custom Service Pages – Includes your specialized services – high value for Google rankings
  • Customized ‘About Us’ – Hits the “Hot Buttons” of the customers you want to attract
  • Additional Custom Pages – Add any additional custom pages you need outside of the basic tips and services pages we have created
  • Photo Gallery Page – Add one photo gallery to display your work
  • Coupons/Specials – Coupons attract many customer visits
  • Affiliations/Awards – Your company’s memberships and awards, including icons
  • Brands Page – HVAC contractors or electricians who install generators often feature particular brands
  • Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet Repsonsive – Your website will work on any device and will be completely mobile friendly in Google’s eyes
  • Current Web Presence Analysis – We will run an analysis on your keywords, rankings, and competitors to see what we can to enhance your website
  • Keyword Analysis – Your keywords will depend on what you want to rank for so we will run an analysis on all your main services
  • Competition Analysis – We will look at all of your competitors to see why they are ranking higher than your website
  • SEO Optimized Webpage Text – Based on the keyword analysis, we will optimize the text on your website’s pages
  • SEO Optimized Website Coding – We will also add code to your pages so Google finds the text more informational
  • Page Load Speed Optimization – Ranking well also depends on the speed of your website. We can optimize your site to pass all of Google’s tests
  • Service Area Landing Pages – If you offer services in different cities you’ll want to create different pages so you can rank higher in each city
  • Social Page Setup – If you need us to we will get you set up on all the social networks, including Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, Twitter, etc
  • Off Site Seo Services – An initial Press Release or Directory Listing is included in your SEO Website package. We can also offer additional SEO services once we see where your website falls after the initial boost